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The Ludwig von Mises Institute

Advancing Austrian Economics, Liberty, and Peace

Advancing the scholarship of liberty in the tradition of the Austrian School

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Promotional Widgets

Use these widgets on your website to spread the word about the Mises Institute!

To add the following Mises.org Banner Ads to your website, copy the html code from the boxes below, and paste it directly after the "body" tag in your page's source code.

Mises Institute Posters

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Mac OS X Dashboard widgets:

Download and extract this archive then click on the widgets you would like to add.


Random Quote Generator:

Ludwig von Mises: "The assistance of inflation is invoked whenever a government is unwilling to increase taxation or unable to raise a loan; that is the truth of the matter." - The Theory of Money and Credit


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Crossword Puzzles

All puzzles are in PDF format. Special thanks to Gayle Dean for creating the crossword puzzles. Gayle's puzzles are featured regularly in the Washington Post Magazine, The New York Times, Simon & Schuster, Book of the Month Club, and other major publications.

Austrian Economists Crossword #1

Austrian Economists Crossword #2

Crossword #1: Solution Crossword #2: Solution

Highway to Serfdom Flipbook

From Christophe Jacobs comes this electronic flipbook of The Road to Serfdom in Cartoons, updated for modern times.

Copy the following code and paste it on your website. Adapt the width and height parameters to suit your particular setup.

If you have trouble, drop an email to webmaster@mises.org.