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LUDWIG VON MISES (1881-1973)
Chronological Bibliography

In reply Mises wrote: "What I was able to say on the subject in that book in 1927 represented only one stage in my efforts....A complete treatment of the essence of monopoly is feasible only within the realm of comprehensive economic theory. This I tried to offer in my book Human Action ....There I belive I said everything that was to be said on this problem. If policy did not lay the basis for what is called in the United States 'conspiracy in restraint of trade,' there would be no monopoly problem. The politicians conduct a crusade against cartels while at the same time they are doing all they can to make cartelization possible....The demagogy of the Department of Justice was revealed in the clearest light a few years ago when an enterprise which purchased foods for its numerous branches was investigated. The firm's return on these commodities nationwide was 7% and has been declining steadily in recent years. What it was rebuked for by the majority was that it undersold other domestic grocers. That must certainly appear unforgivable in the eyes of the government, whose pricing policy it is to raise the prices of all farm products considerably." Mises declined to express an opinion as to whether or not Germany should enact cartel legislation: all that was needed, he said, was to repeal protective tariffs and other interventions with market transactions. (Translated from the German)