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LUDWIG VON MISES (1881-1973)
Chronological Bibliography
Dear Mr. Wormser:

 Referring to your letter of May 13, 1954, I should like to submit the
following remarks: I have in my books and articles critically analyzed the epistemological
and political prepossessions that are responsible for the scientific
sterility of the present-day academic treatment of the problems of human
action, in this country as well as abroad. I think that the fanatical
dogmatism prevailing in many faculties and the virtual boycott of all
dessenters are among the most alarming symtoms of the actual crisis of
western civilization. It is a fact that the intolerant practices of many university
departments of the social sciences are lavishly financed by some rich
foundations. These foundations are uncritically committed to the
epistemological ideas and the political bias prevalent in the university
faculties. But it was not foundations that inaugurated this tendency and
converted the professors to their own tenets. It was, on the contrary, the
universities that converted the foundations to their opinions. The trustees
and the staffs of the foundations were convinced that the best method they
could choose was to put their trust in the professors. They were deluded by
the prestige that the name universities enjoyed. They adopted the professor
worship current in some European countries. In the reports of the foundations and in the public utterances of their
leading functionaries one does not discover any propositions about methods
and techniques of social studies that would not be sterotyped repetitions
ofthe slogans coined by the self-styled "unorthodox" professors long
before American foundations began to spend money for these studies.
My answer to each of the three questions you formulate in the second
paragraph of your letter is emphatically yes. For a justification of my
point of view [concerning empirical studies] I refer to my publications. With kindest regards. Sincerely yours, Ludwig von Mises