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LUDWIG VON MISES (1881-1973) 
Chronological Bibliography



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"Die Wirtschaftsrechnung im Sozialistischen Gemeinwesen" [Economic Calculation in the Socialist Commonwealth]. Archiv für Sozialwissenschaft und Sozialpolitik. 47(1920)86-121. Mises's most famous article. This article launched the calculation debate. more 

Translated into English by S. Adler and reprinted in Collectivist Economic Planning (1935).
Reprint of S. Adler translation with a Foreward by Yuri N. Maltsev and Introduction by Jacek Kochanowicz. Auburn, Ala: Praxeology Press of the Ludwig von Mises Institute(1990).


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"Karl[Carl] Menger." Neues Wiener Abendblatt. 55:56(February 26, 1921)1-2. An obituary.



Socialism: An Economic and Sociological Analysis.  [1951 Yale University Press Edition] A detailed analysis and devastating critique of all aspects -- economic, cultural, social, etc. -- and of all varieties of socialism. Here Mises explained why economic calculation would be impossible in a completely controlled socialistic society, a problem even the socialists have acknowledged and tried (unsuccessfully) to refute. more 

First edition: Die Gemeinwirtschaft: Untersuchungen über den Sozialismus. Jena: Gustav Fischer, 1922.
Second revised edition: Die Gemeinwirtschaft: Untersuchungen über den Sozialismus. Jena: Gustav Fischer, 1932. Appendix: Excerpt from "Neue Beiträge zum Problem der sozialistischen Wirtschaftsrechnung".
English translation of the second German(1932) edition. Translated by J. Kahane. London: Jonathan Cape, 1936. Includes several alterations and additions by Mises to Part II, chapter 2, section 4.
U.S. edition New York: Macmillan Co., n.d.(1936?).
Reprint of Jonathan Cape 1936 edition.
French translation of second German(1932) edition: Le Socialisme: Étude économique et sociologique. Translated from the German by Paul Bastier, André Terrasse, and François Terrasse. Preface by François Perroux. Paris: Librarie de Médicis, 1938. Incorporates Mises' revisions and additions for the English(1936) translation.
Reprint of the English translation(1936), enlarged. Translated by J. Kahane. New edition, enlarged with an Epilogue. New Haven: Yale University Press, 1951. NOTE: Epilogue first included in this edition originally published in 1947 as Planned Chaos.
Spanish translation of the second German(1932) edition plus the 1951 Epilogue: El Socialismo: Análisis Económico y Sociológico. Translated by Luis Montes de Oca. Foreword by Gustavo R. Velasco dated August 1959. Mexico: Editorial Hermes, 1961. Included is an evaluation (pp.xvii-xxv) of Mises and the "Austrian School"; although unsigned, this was undoubtedly translated from a manuscript provided by Mises himself.
Reprint of the Spanish(1961) translation by Luis Montes de Oca. El Socialismo: Análisis Económico y Sociológico. 2nd edition. Buenos Aires: Centro Naval, Instituto de Publicaciones Navales, 1968. Type reset.
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Reprint of English language 1951 edition. Translated by J. Kahane. Indianapolis: Liberty Fund 1981. The type in this new oversized(7"x10") reprint was completely reset. It contains a Publisher's Preface, a new Foreward by F.A. Hayek, an Index to works cited, Indexes to subjects and names, Publisher's Notes explaining the significance of abstruse references and English translations of all foreign terms and quotations. For ease of reference, paging of the earlier 1951 English translation is also shown in the margin.
Reprint of the 1932 German edition: Die Gemeinwirtschaft: Untersuchungen über den Sozialismus with a new Foreword by Christian Watrin. Munich: Philosophia Verlag, 1981. As this edition was photo-offset, it does not include Mises' revisions for the 1936 English, 1938 French and later editions, nor the Epilogue, first included in the 1951 edition.
Spanish language reprint: Socialismo: Análisis Económico y Sociológico. 3rd Spanish edition. Translation of Luis Montes de Oca. With a new Preface by Alberto Benegas Lynch. New York: Western Books Foundation,n.d.(1989). Published under the auspices of the Centro de Estudios sobre la Libertad(Buenos Aires).
A down-sized reprint(6"x 9") of the Liberty Fund(1981) edition. Indianapolis: Liberty Fund, n.d.(1989).
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See also "Economic Calculation in the Socialist Commonwealth."
Translation of the English-language Liberty Fund(1981) edition including Hayek's Introduction. Socialism: An Economic and Sociological Analysis. Indianapolis: Liberty Fund, e-text Edition 2000.


"Inflation und Geldknappheit: Gegen eine weitere Verwendung der Notenpresse" [Inflation and the Shortage of Money: Against the Continued Use of the Printing Press]. Neue Freie Presse. #20666(March 11, 1922)2.

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"Stabilization of the Monetary Unit--From the Viewpoint of Theory." 

First edition: Die geldtheoretische Seite des Stabilisierungsproblems. Munich & Leipzig: Duncker & Humblot, 1923. Published in conjunction with an essay by Franz Klein on the legal aspect of the stabilization problem in the series Schriften des Vereins für Sozialpolitik. 164:2.
English translation by Bettina Bien Greaves: in On the Manipulation of Money and Credit, 1978.

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"Neue Beiträge zum Problem der sozialistischen Wirtschaftsrechnung" [New Contributions to the Problem of Socialist Economic Calculation]. Archiv für Sozialwissenschaft und Sozialpolitik. 51(December 1923)488-500. Reviews some attempts by socialists, e.g., Clara Tisch, to solve the calculation problem. These not only fail but misconceive the problem entirely; e.g., economic calculation cannot take place using units of labor-time, as one such plan assumes. Incorporated in part as the "Appendix" of the second edition(1932)of Socialism.


"Das österreichische Problem" [The Austrian Problem]. Neue Freie Presse. #20977(February 5, 1923)5. A review of Siegfried Strakosch's Der Selbstmord eines Volkes: Wirtschaft in Oesterreich [The Suicide of a People: Economy in Austria].

A review of Waldemar Mitscherlich's Der Nationalismus Westeuropas(The Nationalism of Western Europe). Weltwirtschaftliches Archiv. 19(1923)302-03.



"Über Deflationspolitik" [On Deflationary Policy]. Mitteilungen des Verbandes österreichischer Banken und Bankiers. 6:1/2(1924)13-18. Critical of the deliberate employment of deflation as a way to deal with a preceding inflation. Incorporated in the second German-language edition(1924) of The Theory of Money and Credit. Part 2, Chapter 7; Chapter 13:4 or Liberty Fund(1980) edition.

"Die Rückkehr zur Goldwährung" [The Return to the Gold Standard]. Mitteilungen des Verbandes österreichischer Banken und Bankiers. 6(1924)106-22.

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Review of Gustav Seibt's Deutschlands kranke Wirtschaft und ihre Wiederherstellung [Germany's Sick Economy and Its Recovery](Bonn, 1923). Jahrbuch für Gesetzgebung, Verwaltung und Volkswirtschaft (Schmollers Jahrbuch). 48:1(1924)334-35.

"Finanz- und währungspolitische Fragen in der Gegenwart" [Present-day Questions of Financial and Monetary Policy]. Mitteilungen des deutschen Hauptverbandes der Industrie(Teplitz-Schönau). 5:12(March 20, 1924)201-09. A lecture presented March 15, 1924, in Czechoslovakia to German industrialists.

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