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The Wonderful World of Mises.org

August 5, 2005

Instead of the Daily Article today, we thought you might appreciated learning about all the resources newly available on Mises.org, just in the last few weeks. We have so many news tools and opportunities available, and they are coming so fast and furious, that even regular readers of Mises.org are having a hard time keeping up. So if you feel left out in some way, consider this your personal invitation to use all these new features to your benefit.

The Austrian Network

The Austrian NetworkFor years we’ve been hearing from our students and faculty about the need to connect with Austrians and libertarians around the world, in order to share resources, talk about ideas, or just to have a ready reference source. It allows us all to be in better contact. We added the ability for each person to edit his or her own page of links, photos, papers in progress, intellectual interests and much more.

Thus is born the Austrian Network, capable of holding a billion entries. It is growing fast. You should join whether you are student/faculty or not. Independent intellectuals are very much welcome. Financial professionals too. Indeed, Mises believed that economics is for everyone, and so every person serious about studying and reading in the Misesian tradition should join.

The Quotable Mises

Study Guide No, not the book. Not just yet. That is coming in the fall. But we have put together a wonderful preview database that includes all the quotations we assembled for the book plus some extra. You can sort by book source and subject. You can use the search engine to find anything you need. Have a look at the subject index here. From “Action” through “Government” to “Youth,” it is all here. It also includes a source page with links to online texts. Margit von Mises worked all those years after Mises’s death to get his ideas more well known. This tool takes a great step in that direction.

The Media Server

Mises Media If you have been watching this week, you know that the Mises Institute offers the best quality live broadcasts in the economics world. But we also understand that it is not possible for most people to take the week off and do nothing but listen to lectures on economics, no matter how spectacular they may be. That’s why we have the complete audio and video presentations archived in our super-fast media server.

You can listen to the Mises University 2005 archived here. We are about halfway there to having the entire conference online. You can also listen to the complete lectures by Walter Block last week archived here , as well as over 600 media files from other past lectures and seminars. If you want to get the lectures as we upload them, subscribe to the Mises.org podcast.

The Study Guide

Study Guide This gem was a project initiated by Murray Rothbard in 1982, just as a helpful list for students studying the Austrian School. Today it is massive database of published work sorted by author, subject, and broken down in every other way you can imagine. There is nothing else like it, and it improves every day. It contains links to files of all types and is lightning fast. Students and faculty swear that it is the best tool Mises.org offers.

The Libertarian Forum

The productivity of Murray Rothbard is a marvel, almost impossible to comprehend! He wrote treatise after treatise in so many areas. But he was also an editor and a writer who sought to reach the public in every possible way. The Libertarian Forum was his means of doing so from 1969 to 1984. Through lots of detective work and many hours of scanning and cleaning, we managed to find an original copy of every issue and make them all available in a fully searchable format.

The table of contents is breathtaking, and browsing through provides endless hours of reading enjoyment and learning. We are so grateful to Walter Block who made the initial donation to make this possible. As a ways of encouraging more such contributions, we have included a donation form on the site.

Over the years, Mises.org has become the world’s most important archive for modern Austrian and libertarian literature—in fact, these are the very words of a researcher who was with us this past week. But we really want to do more. We already offer periodicals and books, but we have hopes of expanding.

The Mises Store

Shop Mises! Several months ago, we set out to do a massive upgrade in our store in order to make available the best Austrian literature. We’ve been adding titles on a regular basis, and providing ever more information about the books and memorabilia so that you can make sound decisions about adding to your personal library.

The results have been excellent. Customers seem pleased, and for an institute dedicated to promoting a body of ideas, it is very pleasing to see these books getting into the hands of so many. New offerings include our sale item this month, Conceived in Liberty by Rothbard, along with Tom Woods on faith and economics, Hutt on Keynes, De Jouvenel on redistribution, Bradley on energy, among many other books.

For the Future

As you can see, the staff, students, and faculty have put in long hours and done outstanding work putting all this together, and a special thanks to webmaster David Veksler for his cutting-edge code work.

It is a labor of love but it is also costly. Please consider supporting our work. These resources are not only promoting economic education and the ideas of liberty. By bringing ever more people in the world to the knowledge of liberty, Mises.org is working toward social and political change. 

If you support our ideals, please consider making a tax-deductible contribution

And thank you for all your support!


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