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The Ward and Massey Libraries

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Specializing in the Austrian School of economics and classical liberalism.
Books may be removed from stacks only while in use, and then returned immediately.
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Theory of Money and Credit, The

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Comments:This book contains the preface for the new edition done in 1953, introduction by Lionel Robbins, preface to the English edition done in 1934 and a preface to the second German edition done in 1924. This book is translated from the original German to English by H. E. Batson.
SubjectTheory of Money and Credit, The
PublisherFoundation for Economic Education 30 S Broadway Irvington-on-Hudson, NY 10533 USA

The Ward and Massey Libraries have been the grateful recipients of a number of valuable collections, including the books of Murray N. Rothbard, Zygmund Dobbs, Robert Lefevre, and Evlyn and William Samford.
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