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The Rosetta Stone to the US Code: A New History of Taxation, with Charles Adams

July 26

Mises Institute

The Rosetta Stone to the US Code: A
New History of Taxation

A Seminar with Charles Adams

Join tax historian Charles Adams for a week-long seminar in a new history of taxation from the ancient world to the present. His three books on the topic have highlighted the role that the state's relentless drive for more revenue has inspired wars, revolutions, and every manner of political upheaval. And yet historians who are not usually alert to the economic dynamic behind social change have missed the role that taxation has played.

In demonstrating his theory that taxes are a prime mover of history, Adams has proven himself to a master researcher. Rather than taking others' word for it, he examines primary documents to discover new ways of looking at major events in the Hebrew scriptures, assassinations in Rome, European history in the Middle Ages, the French Revolution, the Civil War, and so much more.

The lectures run Monday through Friday, 10:00-11:30am, and 2:00-3:30-pm Central Time, each day, and cover the full range of Adams's research that went into the production of:

  • Fight, Flight, and Fraud: The Story of Taxation
  • For Good and Evil: The Impact of Taxes on the Course of Civilization
  • Those Dirty Rotten Taxes
  • When In the Course of Human Events

Adams will also be available in informal sessions at the Mises Institute, with its 24,000 book library and spectacular research facilities. The Seminar is open to full-time students, faculty, and current Members of the Mises Institute (Click HERE to join).

Registration is $125 for Mises Institute Members and faculty, including daily boxed lunches and refreshment breaks, and the use of Mises Institute research libraries and computers. You may register online. Dormitory rooms are available for $25 per person per night double-occupancy or $35 per night single-occupancy.  For other Auburn accommodations, see our list. For Atlanta-Auburn airport shuttles, see Express85.

Students may apply for tuition scholarships by submitting the online application form along with a copy of student ID. To apply for a dormitory accommodations scholarship, students should also include at least one letter of academic recommendation and an informal transcript copy. This information can be mailed to Adams Scholarship Committee, Mises Institute, 518 West Magnolia Avenue, Auburn, Alabama 36832, or faxed to 734-448-8148, or emailed to pat@mises.org.

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