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Mises Made Easier
Percy L. Greaves Jr.


Percy Greaves has asked me to write a few words as a foreword for his Glossary of Ludwig von Mises' HUMAN ACTION. I most willingly do so.

HUMAN ACTION is well known to me. I typed 980 pages of the manuscript. I shall never forget the concentration with which my husband worked, how carefully he chose every single word and fought with the editor about the slightest editorial change. He never gave in.

Professor von Mises always recognized the great importance of such a Glossary. It should make the reading of HUMAN ACTION easier and provide a fuller understanding of his ideas to a greater circle of readers and students. He appreciated the tremendous amount of work and the thoroughness with which Professor Greaves accomplished his task. I could not do better than repeat my husband's words when he commented on Percy Greaves' recent book, Understanding The Dollar Crisis: "I hope this book will be a great success."

Margit v. Mises
(Mrs. Ludwig von Mises)

June 24, 1974

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