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Accent On The Right - Digital Book

Accent On The Right - Digital Book

This professionally prepared ebook is an electronic edition of the book that is designed for reading on digital readers like Nook, Kindle, iPad, Sony Reader, and other products including iPhone and Android smart phones. The text reflows depending on your font preferences and it contains links from navigation.

In this work dedicated to the memory of Frederic Bastiat (1801-1850), Leonard E. Read explores an array of themes such as the sources of human progress, the political consequences of not thinking for one’s self, and finding what is right and wrong. Bastiat’s first rule, Read states, was obedience to conscience before all else. Bastiat worked to advance concepts that were wildly unpopular in his native France but did not give up in his pursuit of what he thought was right. In this way, Leonard E. Read advances Frederic Bastiat’s tradition and legacy by highlighting these matters and applying them to the importance of individual liberty.

Updated 1/29/2013