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Liberty Magazine 3.2

Liberty Magazine 3.2
Russell Means Speaks, Liberty; The Lost War on Drugs, Joseph Miranda; The U.S. Imports Criminals to Fill Domestic Shortage, Adam Starchild; Loathing the Fear in New York, Murray Rothbard; The Case Against a Capital Gains Tax Cut, Michael Christian; Avant-Garde Redux?, William Clark and Richard Kostelanetz; The A Priori of Disagreement, Hans-Hermann Hoppe and Loren Lomasky; The Philadelphia Story, Chester Alan Arthur; Goodbye, Galactic Empire, J.R. Dunn; Ayn Rand and I, Tibor Machan; A Rustic in New York, R.W. Bradford; Capitalism and the Transformation of Poland, Krysztof Ostraszewski; Beyond Philosophy, Loren Lomasky; The College Teaching Scam, Richard Kostelanetz; Right, Wrong, and Constitutional, James S. Robbins
Publication Information November 1989
Updated 10/16/2011