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Against the Tide

Against the Tide

Wilhelm Roepke was schooled in the tradition of the Austrians and made enormous contributions to the study of political institutions.

Here we have collected some of his most powerful anti-Keynesian writings, which, in particular, underscore what an outstanding economist he was and the extent to which he was influenced by Mises. He defends sounds money, free trade, and attacks welfare.

Those who have considered this author to be something of a doubter on free markets must deal with this book, which reveals him to be a passionate advocate of laissez-faire.

Chapters include:

  • On the Transfer Problem in International Capital Movement
  • The Intellectuals and Capitalism
  • The Secular Signficiance of the World Crisis
  • The Centenary of British Free Trade
  • Repressed Inflation
  • Marshall Plan and Economic Policy
  • Set the Rate of Interest Free
  • Austerity
  • The Formation and Use of Capital
  • Keynes and the Revolution in Economics
  • The Fight Against Inflation
  • The Dilemma of Imported Inflation
  • Robbing Peter to Pay Paul
  • The U.S. Balance of Payments
  • World Without a World Moentary System
  • D-mark and the Dollar
  • F.A. Kramer: In Memoriam

Publication Information Chicago, Henry Regnery Company, 1969
Updated 5/6/2011