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Why Austrian Economics Matters

Why Austrian Economics Matters

This paper by Lew Rockwell was delivered at the Heritage Foundation and even at the time was regarded as the best single overview of the teachings of the school, its contribution to the history of ideas, and the political implications of Austrian economic theory.

It has proven to be such an effective presentation of the essential ideas that it has remained constantly in print.

  • The Austrian School
  • High Points in the Austrian Tradition
  • Socialist Calculation
  • The Revival
  • The Core of Austrian Theory
  • Externalities
  • The Fortune Tellers
  • Government Numbers
  • Public Policy
  • Money and Banking
  • The Future of the Austrian School

Economics, wrote Joseph Schumpeter, is "a big omnibus which contains many passengers of incommensurable interests and abilities." That is, economists are an incoherent and ineffectual lot, and their reputation reflects it. Yet it need not be so, for the economist attempts to answer the most profound question regarding the material world.

Updated 5/19/2010