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Austrian Economics: An Anthology

Austrian Economics: An Anthology

This collection of hard-to-find and unusual essays on the Austrian School (its history, method, and impact) was put together by Bettinna Bien Greaves:

  • The Austrian Economists and Their View of Value, by James Bonar (1888)
  • Economics at Berlin and Vienna, by H.R. Seager (1893)
  • Carl Menger and the Austrian School of Economics, by Ludwig von Mises (1929)
  • The Historical Setting of the Austrian School, by L.v. Mises (1969)
  • Austrian School of Economics, by L.v. Mises (1962)
  • The Austrian Economics, by Eugen von Boehm-Bawerk (1891)
  • Remarks on the Fundamental Problem of the Subjective Theory of Value, by L.v. Mises (1928)
  • On the Development of the Subjective Theory of Value, by L.v. Mises (1933)
  • The Epistemological Problems, by L.v. Mises (1949, from Human Action
Publication Information Irvington, New York: Foundation for Economic Education, 1996.
Updated 7/20/2005