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Scholar and Alumni Notes, January 2014

March 6, 2014
From the January issue of The Free Market. CEO and Chairman LEW ROCKWELL’s new book Fascism versus Capitalism is now available in hard copy and electronic formats from the Mises Institute. Lew was interviewed by RON PAUL on The Ron Paul Channel during December, and his  article “The Libertarian Paradox” was translated into German by scholars at the Ludwig von Mises Institut Deutschland. President JEFF DEIST regularly appears on the radio program The Korelin Economics Report. Jeff spoke at length about the  Mises Institute during the November 23 program. Executive Director PETER KLEIN has co-authored a working paper with Associated Scholar PER BYLUND on “The Place of Austrian Economics in Contemporary Entrepreneurship Research” forthcoming in a special issue of The Review of Austrian Economics devoted to Israel Kirzner. Dr. Klein also appeared on The Wilkow Majority radio program to disuss “Obamacare and Interventionism.” Per Bylund, a former Mises Fellow, has also been appointed to serve on the Journal of Management Studies’s editorial board, a highly-regarded outlet for research in management and business. Dr. Bylund’s book review of George Gilder’s The Information Theory of Capitalism and How It Is Revolutionizing Our World appeared in Barron’s in October. In addition, Dr. Bylund’s article “Explaining Firm Emergence: Specialization, Transaction Costs, and the Integration Process” was recently published in the journal Managerial and Decision Economics. In recent months, Senior Fellow MARK THORNTON was interviewed by: Power Trading Radio, The Korelin Economics Report, The Scott Horton Show, Economic Policy Journal, The Lions of Liberty Show, The Traces of Reality Show, Voice of Russia, Press TV, and Butler on Business. Senior Fellow YURI MALTSEV published The Tea Party Explained: From Crisis to Crusade, co-authored with Roman Skaskiw. Dr. Maltsev also recently delivered a talk on socialism in Mauritius and was interviewed at length in Le Mauricien, a popular French-language daily in Mauritius. Associated Scholar JAMES BENNETT’s new book Federal Mandate Madness will be available this spring from Transaction Publishers. Associated Scholar JACOB H. HUEBERT was promoted to Senior Attorney at the Liberty Justice Center in Chicago, where he will be directing the center’s litigation to protect economic liberty and other constitutional rights in Illinois. Associated Scholar PAUL PRENTICE was appointed Professor of Economics and Business at Colorado Technical University and recently published “Debased Currency, Debased Culture: Why America Needs Sound Money” with the Centennial Institute at Colorado Christian University where Dr. Prentice is now a Fellow. Associated Scholar JO ANN CAVALLO presented “On State Power and Personal Liberty in The Prince” at the Symposium on Machiavelli: Then and Now, sponsored by The Graduate Center, CUNY, and Hunter College, in November. On December 7 she presented an expanded version, “On Political Power and Personal Liberty in The Prince and The Discourses,” at the Columbia University conference “Liberty and Conflict: Machiavelli on Politics and Power.”

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