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Rothbard on 'Conspiracy Theories' and Revisionism

December 12, 2013
Writes Srdja Trifkovic: The late Murray Rothbard is said to have often argued that, far from being evidence of a “paranoid” strain in the American mind, belief in conspiracies as a factor in American history was usually not taken far enough. The truth behind most conspiracies, he alleged, was far more heinous and diabolical than even the most diehard conspiracy theorist suspected. The events leading up to the Day of Infamy in 1941 prove him right, no less than those preceding U.S. wars against Mexico, the Confederacy, Spain (1898), Serbia (1999), or Iraq (2003). In all of those cases diplomacy did not “fail” because it was not used to avert war, but to make certain its coming. (Thanks to Ralph Raico) fundamentally, 'conspiracy theories' are revisionist history, the imperative of which as been explored by rothbar din detail.

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