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Ralph Raico on 'The New York Times'

January 27, 2014

Ralph Raico writes:

Lew, heartfelt congratulations on winning the NYT's prize. Your response was great. The Newspaper of Record, "All the news we see fit to print," continues its honorable tradition of pro-state lies. I recall their D. C. correspondent Judith Miller's role in promoting the lie of Iraq's possession of weapons of mass destruction. What's your guess on how much blood she, and the Times, have on their hands for that? But this tradition for our Newspaper of Record goes back to the 1930s. Then its Moscow correspondent, Walter Duranty, did a good comrade's job denying the very existence of the Stalinist terror famine in the Ukraine and the North Caucasus that led to the death of many millions. The Old Gray State Whore would be a better name for that paper.


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