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Punching Above Our Weight

March 28, 2014
6706Jeff Deist writes in today's Mises Daily:
Last week the Mises Institute hosted another outstanding Austrian Economics Research Conference at our campus in Auburn. Attendees enjoyed three days of cross-disciplinary presentations by more than 50 academics, PhD candidates, and economics/finance professionals, all working in the most provocative traditions of Austrian and libertarian thought. We also celebrated the 40th anniversary of the South Royalton conference, the first academic conference devoted to Austrian economics in the US and a watershed event in the modern Austrian movement. Watch James Grant’s speech and you’ll catch his reference to boxer Jake LaMotta. LaMotta was a notoriously big middleweight, often fighting men 10 pounds lighter. The Mises Institute, by contrast, punches above its weight. A recent Forbes article demonstrates that we are a real heavyweight online. Among free-market think tanks, we rank first in YouTube channel subscribers, second in overall website visitors, and third in social media presence. We do this with a budget that is a tiny fraction of the big organizations in DC, organizations that spend their days promoting superficial changes in public policy. We do it without billionaires funding us, without currying favor with the political class, without receiving government money, and without wasting time looking for liberty in all the wrong places.

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