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Music Video Contest for Students

February 6, 2013
A guest post from Professor Ed Stringham:
Eighteen years ago when I was a student of Prof. Walter Block at College of the Holy Cross, I remember Prof. Block saying “Critics of markets have so many catchy folk songs. Economists don’t have any.” That changed when John Papola created the brilliant Keynes versus Hayek videos that have been watched millions of times. I am working to meet Walter Block’s ends, and am pleased to announce the second annual economics video contest. The goal is to encourage students to make videos that convey economic concepts in an interesting way. The first year’s contest asked students to make videos on Supply and Demand and the theme of this year’s contest is: “Economic Value is Subjective.” Watch the growing list of current entries here. The contest is open to all students and entries are due May 15, 2013. The winners gets $2,500 and the professor of the winner gets $500. For more details about how to enter visit:

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