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Biographer, Scholar, Friend: Mary Sennholz at 100

January 11, 2014
6634Jeffrey Herbener and Shawn Ritenour write in this weekend's Mises Daily:
One of her duties at FEE was to organize the seminars in which Ludwig von Mises and other luminaries would speak. In her work, she rubbed shoulders with Frank Chodorov, Baldy Harper, Henry Hazlitt, Israel Kirzner, Edmund Opitz, Gary North, Benjamin Rogge, and Murray Rothbard among others. The only unpleasant encounter she mentions in the interview was with Milton Friedman. Like Read, however, Mises was more than a casual acquaintance. She faithfully attended his NYU seminar with her friend Bettina Bien. The fruits of the seminar were not merely intellectual for Mary. It was there that she became acquainted with her future husband. Margit von Mises played matchmaker for Leonard Read’s assistant and her husband’s Ph.D. student. What began as a contractual relationship, Miss Homan editing the manuscript that would become Dr. Sennholz’s dissertation, blossomed into a beautiful partnership. The friendship between the Mises’s and the Sennholz’s lasted a lifetime. Margit became a devoted godmother to Mary and Hans’s son, Robert. The couples traveled together to Guatemala and Mexico. As Mary tells it, the calm, cerebral Lu found his complement on the lecture circuit in the passionate, inspiring Hans. Margit and Lu visited Grove City several times over the years. The most memorable was in June of 1957 when Hans arranged for Grove City College to award Mises an honorary doctorate degree at commencement. Hans and Mary hosted a post-commencement reception for Mises at their home.

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