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Watercolor Painting of the Mises Institute Campus

We are the worldwide epicenter of the Austrian economics movement.

The Mises Institute is the world’s largest, oldest, and most influential educational institution devoted to promoting the Austrian School of economics, freedom, and peace in the tradition of classical liberalism.

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The War on Drugs Was Born 100 Years Ago

The Harrison Narcotics Act of 1914, a bill with racist origins designed to increase the tax burden on non-whites in the...

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Diversity in Goals Brings Diversity in Value

Every person has different goals for himself, which means everyone will value differently the means to attain those...

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State Monopolies Aren’t What They Used to Be

States wish to gain monopolies and maintain them in all facets of life, while entrepreneurs strive to offer...

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Should Economics Emulate Natural Sciences?

The laws of physics can never be absolutely established. For some other law may prove more elegant or capable of...

Audrey Redford

A Summer Fellow Discusses Her Academic Future

This fall, we talked briefly with Audrey Redford, who was a Summer Fellow at the Mises Institute this year.

Mises Weekends
Mises Weekends

Bob Murphy: The Case for Private Defense

Recent events surrounding Ferguson, Missouri and the choking death of Eric Garner have brought police misconduct to the...